Sunday, March 27, 2011

Non-stop weekend!

I am finally winding down from this super busy weekend!  After finishing up at work on Friday, I headed to the barn to get everything packed and ready to go in the trailer for this weekend clinic with the ISSO

Saturday around 11:30 my Mom and I headed up to North East, Maryland.  We got there early to watch the lesson before mine.  All the ladies looked great!  Got my pony all tacked up and we did another saddle fitting and my saddle does not fit my mare at all.  So after borrowing some saddles we found one that would work.  Miss Barb was kind enough to let me ride my lesson in it.  She has a Swain and it is so much more comfortable than my Whippy.  In this lesson we worked on position and getting a solid base. 

I find it so hard because I will be concentrating on what the instructor is telling me and work on correcting one thing then another thing will go out of whack!  So once I get a saddle that fits me and my horse, we will be ready to practice and get stronger.  Yesterday felt a little unbalanced and very bouncy.  Today we felt much more in sync and put together.

Now I need to find another sidesaddle and be able to go and show some local hunter shows!

I also got my cakes baked for this week's final class!  I will post pictures when that is finished.  But I am not looking forward to going to the MVA tomorrow to get my car switched over and new drivers license.  Fun fun... 

Stay tuned for my next post on updates!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life as I know It: First time Blogger!

Life as I know It: First time Blogger!: "I decided that I want to start blogging about everything going on in My Life as I Know It! So bear with me because this should be inte..."

First time Blogger!

I decided that I want to start blogging about everything going on in My Life as I Know It!  So bear with me because this should be interesting to say the least.  It will cover everything from Horses to being a Health Coach to doing cake decorating and a little bit of everything else.  So I hope you enjoy the ride!

This week has been so busy and it's only Wednesday!  Since the weather is finally getting nice around here I am getting back in the saddle again.  I have a weekend clinic with ISSO up in North East, Maryland.  My Mom and I got Squeaky all spiffed up and looking like the diva she is.  Now hopefully the rain they are calling for won't make the weekend too miserable.

So I am very excited that the show season is starting soon.  I do hope to go to some and just show sidesaddle at the local hunter shows.  I know I will be getting some looks but I can't wait to help show off how truly elegant it is!

Also in this busy week, I hope to be able to spend some time with my wonderful boyfriend Jason.  As spring comes both of us are busy doing our own things, the only time I get to see him really is after 8 pm every night when I come home!  I really want for him to come up and watch my lesson on Sunday.  Since it will be raining he can't go fishing!  Lol

We were catching bait fish and kept getting tiny catfish in our net!
Well I have lots more to post but will have to do it later when I am on my computer with lots of pictures.  I will continue to keep updating My Life as I Know It!