Saturday, February 25, 2012

Allie Cat

Allie is a three he old Norwegian Fjord. She is an in your pocket pony who loves attention. She will follow you around the field while you are trying to get the other horses in.  I watched some tutorials on how to properly maintain their manes.  Here are some pictures I got this morning when I was turning horses out 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ponylocks Necklace

I ordered a necklace from Pony Locks at the Maryland Horse World Expo.  I got home today and it was in the mail!  I am please with how quick of a turn around it was and it looks so beautiful!  It was made with hair from my mare Squeaky. 

A lot of people do this in rememberance of a horse they have lost.  I decided I wanted to do it while she is still alive and kicking!  She is my heart horse and we have such an understanding of each other.  She will be with me until the day she dies. 

So if anyone is looking to get some jewlery made - check out pony locks - they did a great job!
Silver tube is engraved with her name