Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good bye my friend...

A little history...  I got my puppy back in the fall of 2001.  A little border collie puppy who was the last of the litter to be sold.  When I went to see him he quietly came to my feet and sat.  That would be the beginning of a long relationship with this dog.  The family that was supposed to buy him never came so I was lucky enough to get him.  He was born on a dairy farm and when we left there we went straight to pet smart to pick him out some toys and stuff.  The only thing that perked his interests was a stuffed animal cow that moo'ed when you squeezed it.  I named him Dillion.

Loved waiting for his stick to be thrown in the water
 He was a fast learner and very smart dog.  Was house trained from the time I got him.  Rang the bell on the door when he needed out and loved going to obedience class.  When he was about 9 months old, I got married and we settled in our new house on our farm.  He loved playing outside and of course barking at the pigs, but he also loved to be lazy and lay on the chair and would sleep in bed with me when I wasn't feeling well. 

We then moved home to my parents after my divorce and he got to be with his buddy Odie for the next 6 years.  They loved each other dearly and the two were brothers at heart.  He always kept a watchful eye over the house and kept my grandfather entertained by just throwing the ball ALL DAY LONG.  I began living with my boyfriend and was not able to take Dillion with me and my mother had to sell her house and could not take him with her either. 

I tried many options but Dillion was not the easiest dog to place with a person that would love him as much as I did.  The only other person that I knew that understood his personality was my ex-husband.  I called and asked him if he would like to take him.  He immediately said yes.  It was the hardest day of packing up my home that was sold and giving away my best friend who has been through everything with me but I knew he would have a good home. 

Dillion fit in with my ex's life immediately.  They have 3 little boys that he adored and slept with them everynight.  This past Sunday on June 26th, he called to tell my that Dillion passed away.  They had went to church and came home to find his lying by the back door.  He was 9 years old.  I am guessing that he had a heart attack and I hope that he passed peacefully and did not suffer too much.

He has two families that will miss his smiling face everyday.  Rest in peace my beloved "heart" dog.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

View from up top

The horses had there feet done yesterday so I thought I would hop on Squeaky for a quick ride. She was ouchy so we just mainly walked. Just a chance to snap a couple of pics.
Butter was out in his field pissed that he wasn't involved. He calmed down shortly after realizing she wasn't leaving him.  Maybe I will have the energy to get on him tonight!

Butter waiting for his lady to come back
My beautiful old lady

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Crab-tastic Weekend!

Jason did not keep his mouth shut!

This past weekend the Boy and I started off by leaving Saturday morning at 4am to go crabbing out of Dundee Creek Marina.  We have been crabbing here the last 4 weekends and have been averaging about a half bushel each time.   This time we went to a new place to set out our trotline.  It was raining a tiny bit as we headed out but that tapered off (thank goodness).  The little bugs and nats down there are horrible.  They were hitting my face and getting stuck to my forehead as we were on plane heading out.  I had to remember to keep my mouth shut!!! 

Headed out!

We did good on Saturday of catching a bushel of good 6 inch sized crabs.  Nice and big and only had to throw back about 2 dozen that we caught.  We left the water about noon and came home and steamed them up.  We ate what we could then started picking the rest to make crabcakes on Sunday.  We got 2.5 lbs picked to use for the cakes!  Here are some of the pics of the crabs we caught!

On Sunday we had a lazy day that consisted of sleeping in, making breakfast, sleeping some more, making lunch, taking a nap and making dinner.  Somewhere in there I got Jason's nephews' cake decorated for him making it thru pre-K.  The teachers theme this year was Carebears.  My Mom had a 3-D carebear cake when I was little so this was the perfect time to break it out and make a cake with it.  If I felt better I would of spent more time being careful but I was worn out and wasn't in the mood to decorate.  But Lance was happy so thats all that mattered!  

Next weekend we will be crabbing down the Wye River so hopefully everything goes well!  I also need to get on my pony tonight and hope the weather holds out!  So little time to fit everything in.  I will also post pics from the goose rig that we just got last night!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting back on schedule

So now that butter is home from his 60 days of boot camp, the horses are back in work and that means so am I.  I plan on riding one everyday and longeing the other. Moms shoulder is pretty messed up so she can't ride with me. I rode squeaky last night and she went really well. Have to start working over fences and build my confidence back up. It's been too long since I jumped and I plan to get back to showing. Wish me good luck!



Friday, June 3, 2011

What's that?

Red Eye

Last night, Jason and I were fishing down off the bridge on our road. We were catching lots of sunfish and red eyes and one small mouth bass when all of a sudden I spoted this thing floating down the creek.  I started yelling cause I was thinking to myself that is a really big lampery eel like the one we caught last week. But when I looked closer it was just a beaver!  So we thought that was cool and went back to fishing. About 10 mins later another one was swimming around. I ran and got my phone and was excited to get some pictures of them.  I don't know where they are living because nothing is damed up. It should be interesting if we see them again.

Smaller beaver of the two we saw