Monday, October 15, 2012

Mt. Carmel Hunter Trials

On Sunday October 14, the girls and I from the barn left to go to the hunter trials.  Now mind you I have not competed at one since 1999 or 2000.  Since Squeaky has been off I was planning on riding the one OTTB at our Barn Indy.  Well he was really being a turd schooling so I decided against taking him.  I didn't want everyone to see me parting ways with the bucking bronc.  Here is a picture of the boy sporting my birthday gift saddle pad.  I love it- I hunt so the Max 4 Camo pattern was perfect! 

So Saturday night I decided to take one of the sales horses.  His name is Mickey.  First on Saturday we had to do pony rides at the local police station kids day.  He did pretty good and it was a great bomb proofing session.  We had one medivac and one news helicopter land to do demonstrations.  The horses and ponies were scared when the first one landed but by the second one they were old pros.  So Saturday evening was the first time I got to ride him.  I jumped him a couple of jumps and decided we were ready. 

At the hunter trials I was signed up for Pairs and Hunt Teams at 2'6".  I rode the pairs class with a nice man who led because I had no clue of the course.  Mickey did wonderful not looking at anything and happily jumping everything.  I on the other hand thought I was going to die.  I haven't galloped around a course in more than a decade!!!  We did well but not good enough to pin which I was not expecting to get any ribbons at all.  I was supposed to do the open class but I knew I wouldn't have enough energy or muscle strength left to compete in Hunt Teams so I scratched that class. 

So when our last class came around, Mandy, Caitlin and I went out on course.  We put in a nice course.  I was constantly trying to play catch up with the other two since my horse liked to take his good old time.  We came to the last fence to jump abreast and Caitlin's horse did not like the fact that Mandy was on one side and I was catching up on the other.  He was trying to take off with her and at the last moment I saw the long spot and kicked on for it.  We all jumped it abreast.  We didn't stay around to see if we pinned but we had fun so that was all that mattered.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks if Mickey is still around I hope to take him to Elkridge Harford and the Pony Club's hunter trials.

I also got the deal of the century at Maryland Saddlery on Saturday.  I picked up a nice Pytchley Melton Coat for 165 dollars and fits me like a glove.  Also picked up a sidesaddle and I am getting ready to post soon on that after I get some more facts about it.

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