Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sorry for not writing...

So it has been over a month since I last wrote - bad me for not keeping this up to date.  In this past week we have had a hurricane and an earthquake.  Talk about exciting! 

Unfortunately I didn't get to feel the earthquake as I was driving to John's Hopkins for a laser treatment.  I get to the hospital and there are people standing everywhere on the streets.  The security guard said we could not go in until they cleared the building.  I was just hoping they did not cancel my appointment!  It was a 5.8 that was centered in Mineral, Virginia.  I have seen posts from one on my friends on Facebook that they have since had 19 aftershocks.  She lives in VA also.  The Middle and High school in her area will be closed the rest of the year!  That's crazy to have this on the east coast.

Next on the roster was hurricane Irene.  She was not particularly nasty to me but she has done some major damage on the coast.  I know some places in NY and VT are getting hit hard.  We only lost our power for about 16 hrs but some people are reporting that they won't get it back till Friday.  I know they are grumping about it but if you know a linemen, Thank them.  They are working backbreaking hours just so you can have your TV back on and AC.  Think of the people that were hit by Katrina and then you won't complain so much!

I am on a little bit of a rampage today...  Drivers are another one making me angry because they are going to cause accidents when you come to a light and they are out and not treating it like a 4-way stop!

Okay vent over...

I passed my hunter safety course so I will be able to get hunt this year with the boy.  I am very excited and hope to stock up on some meat for the freezer!  Deer tacos will be in my future. 

This weekend will also be our two year anniversary and two labor day parties.  Can't wait for a fun filled long weekend. 

I did make a cake for our good friend Brian last weekend of a bushel basket of crabs.  It turned out cute but wouldn't classify it as being awesome.  I know of things I can improve on.  I will also be making a stars and stripes cake for the party as well.

So I hope to keep this updated more often and I hope to have lots of pictures to upload.  Sorry for none in this post.

Thanks for stopping by!

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