Monday, October 3, 2011

Bad couple of weeks for my spine...

These past couple of weeks I have found out that I have some issues with my spine.  This started off by seeing my chiropractor for a general tune up.  I explained to him that I had been having some headaches that start off by a vibration in the base of my skull that work into a major headache usually on the left side of my head.  He asked me to get a cervical x-ray.  The next day I went and had them taken and dropped them off for him to look at.  The normal spine has a nice curve.  Mine has two reverse curves in it which makes my C-1 almost touch the base of my skull and C-7 be 45 mm out from where it should be.  Wow...  We think this has been like this for a long time and was caused from a fall.

I am blaming it on when I fell off my pony in 1996 and they thought I broke my neck but after countless tests, they determined it was my growth plates making shadows on the x-rays.  So now I am in traction twice a day for my neck.

The next week, the Tuesday after Labor Day weekend, I was getting out of the shower to go to work and put my leg up on the side to dry off.  As soon as I bent down - OUT went my back.  I mean bad.  I almost collasped on the floor but tried to stay upright so I could make it back to my bedroom.  I woke my boyfriend up crying in pain.  We were short on phone coverage.  So I barely made it to my car and winced in pain when having to take my foot off the brake or gas.  I made the 50 min drive and hobbled to my office.  The ladies in my office were laughing at me but felt so sorry.

I made it thru the day and went straight to my chiropractor on the way home.  I was have major trouble lifting my left leg to make it walk.  It was like I had no control over it.  I went home straight to bed armed with my ice pack.  The next day no change but still manged to get thru work.  Went to the doc again and still no better.  Thursday and Friday I took off to stay off my feet.  I did go to my doctor for pain management and she ended up sending me for a MRI.

Friday went to the MRI.  I was feeling better enough to be sorta walking upright again.  I got the results the next week and I have two bulging discs between L-4 & L-5 and L-5 & S-1.  I had a consult Friday of this week.  Almost a month later.  My back is still sore but much better. 

The doctor at my consult said :

No riding my horse until my back is stronger.
Time to lose some weight again.
Excercises and physical therapy.

So time for my Mom and I to go to the gym and really watch what I eat and get really healthy.  Its so hard but I need to do this for me cause like the dr said, I'm 29 and two worn out discs already so thats not really good. 

Anyone else out there suffering from this and what have you done to help your spine?

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