Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting Things Organized

This past weekend, I spent both days at the barn.  With both my Mom and I moving we had things just thrown in totes to go thru for another day.  I had wanted to get my tack trunk organized and moved into the tack room and other totes gone thru and sorted. 

On Saturday, Mom and I both rode.  Its been a while since I had been on Squeaky so we mainly just walked with a little trotting.  Plus its the first time we have rode at the place, so she was taking in all the sights.  After that we had a spa day.  Both horses got their manes pulled and I gave Squeaky a bath!  For it being January, Saturday was in the mid 60's!!!  So she got all cleaned up and mane braided over.  I want to try to train it.  I never have had much luck. 

Squeaky rockin a mohawk!

On Sunday I was glad to sleep in and made my way to the barn about 11 o'clock.  When I got there Mom was already working on a project.  The night before I went to Home Depot and bought casters to put on the bottom of my tack truck so I could move it with ease.  We got them on and moved into the tack room.  Finally time to start going thru totes!  Got what I needed placed into my truck and put all the rest of the stuff in labeled totes.  I never realized how many no-bows I have in all different sizes.  My shipping tote is huge!  There is still more to go thru.  All the blankets need to be put into my other trunk and odds and ends sorted.  I did come up with stuff to take to the consignment shop!  Hopefully make a little money off this stuff.

 My goal this coming weekend is to clip Squeaky because I cannot stand furry horses and ride both days.  Now that the days are getting longer I hope to be able to start riding after work!

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