Monday, January 2, 2012

Who will be the Queen B?

Yesterday, we moved my horses to the new barn.  For the first time Squeaky and Butter were separated.  She was put into the mare field and him into the geldings field.  He was so upset.  Butter ran the fence line for a while as did she, but then she ventured off to meet the rest of the herd.  It was interesting to see the pecking order come to play.  I thought Squeaky would be very dominant, but instead she was low girl on the totem pole.  The one white mare would make sure that she didn't get near the rest of the horses and today when the other grey was turned out- she seemed like she made friends with her.  They stood next to each other at all times, but when I went to bring them two in - the grey would keep herself between me and Squeaky.  I usually have my horses turned out as much as possible, but I left her stay in tonight so she could rest.  She is 21 after all, and the look in her eye was like "Mom-- do I really need to deal with this shit".  I felt really bad for her but they must all learn to get along...

Butter settled in finally when Squeaky would no longer call back to him.  He met the rest of the boys with no problem. 

Today we brought them in to feed and they got to see the barn and their stalls.  They ate dinner and seemed happy in their stalls. 

So it will be interesting in to see how the girls will work out the pecking order and who will be Queen B.

Hope every ones new year has started off on a good note!

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