Thursday, December 20, 2012

'Tis the season to be.....

a Grinch... 

Well I figured I would write one last blog post because you do know that the world is going to end tomorrow, right?   I am not holding my breath on that one...

Its been forever since I have posted so lots to update on. 

Life in the horse world has been pretty non-existent.  I leave for work in the dark and I basically get home in the dark.  I only see her basically on weekends when I am trying to catch her.  My mare is the most stubborn horse alive.  The only way to catch her is when she wants attention.  Or my friend K goes out into the field.  She can walk right up to her.  That makes me mad to no end.  Its not like I make the old girl do anything horrible.  She will gets some hot beet pulp with her grain and usually we just walk around the ring while a young girl I help rides one of the ponies.  I'm not asking much.  Oh well, I guess.

Next thing on my list is my health.  It sucks...  I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (not cool).  I have been having steady neck pain, headaches, joint pain, and no muscle strength since October.  It seemed like a fast onset.  But now looking at a lot of the symptoms together it all makes sense.  All my blood work and tests all came back normal.  I am perfectly healthy in that aspect.  Add together that I pretty much feel like shit everyday of my life, I have IBS, HS, psuedo tumor celebri and now Fibro.  Two things are listed on the disability list.  I am 30.  No one should have all this stupid shit wrong with them.

So that's why I am a Grinch!  The only thing I like about Christmas is getting and giving gifts.  I don't have any family to spend it with, so my mother and I become Jewish for the day and go watch a movie and then hit up the Chinese restaurant for Christmas dinner.

So what movie should I see???

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L.Williams said...

*hug* I'm sorry about the Fibro. :(

Sometimes I wish I could skip Christmas all together, or just spend it with my small family. J's family makes Christmas itchy wool sweater uncomfortable.

As far as movies, I saw The Hobbit last weekend and found it really enjoyable! :)